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Small, discreet and quick to fit. Perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers.

Product Name : Made For iPhone RIC

  • Stream calls from your iPhone directly to your hearing aids using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
  • Deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity
  • Help you better understand conversations and hear comfortably in any noise environment
  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling
  • Stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids


  • Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card Program

Wells Fargo Health Advantage® offers a range of affordable plans for hearing aids and hearing loss treatment costs. Contact your hearing professional or visit the Wells Fargo Health Advantage website for more information.

  • Health Insurance Plans

While many insurance plans don’t provide coverage for hearing aids, contact our office for local advice on discounts and other programs to take advantage of.

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